Doterra Business Cards: Essential Tool For Your Business

04 Jan

Having a business card is one of the most important yet cost effective way to market your business. Why? This is because business cards are inexpensive, very easy to carry and people will have a n easy way to get hold of you most especially if your business is just starting out.

You have to understand that your card should make a great impression and should also be well designed to ensure that you can promote your business effectively. If you are unable to create good looking card, then it will turn out to be unprofessional looking and can simply be thrown away into the dustbin or it can be lying down the drawer collecting dust. It is important that your business card will tell people what your business is rather than telling people who you are and where they can contact you.

For you to have an effective marketing tool and that is your business card, you have to make some consideration when designing and planning.

o  It is important that you get professional business cards at Tank Prints to be printed for you. It is easy for you to print business cards using your laser jet printer and cut them using scissors. The question though is that, people will tend to ask you question whether they will believe you and your business as they can see it in your business cards that you can't afford to have it printed.

o  Make sure that you pay attention to the details on your card. Having a logo is very important so make sure that you invest time and effort in designing a good logo to make sure that it will stand out in the crowd.

o Flimsy, thin and pre-made off the shelf designs are often unreadable and could often lead to bad impressions. Make sure that you use the color and images that has good design and principles to make sure that you card is easy to read and well pleasing.

o Be proactive and make sure that you keep any information updated. If you have changed your contact information make sure that your card is also updated as people will think that you are disorganized and if you simply scratch out any information on your card, you have to throw it away and have a new card printed out. Read more facts about business card, go to

o Hire a graphic designer from They are professional and very well knows what works for you and what's not.

o  Lastly, avoid any mistakes as it can be very costly.

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